• All In One LED Display FHD 1080p 1.5mm pixelpitch, 2,92 x 1,66m (130")
  • State-of-the-art indoor rental solution for any event The QUADShow offers a complete custom solution for the indoor rental market. Its all-in-one motorised lift and transport system enables mobile use of the FHDQ130 for effortless installation and disassembly - ready for any event in minutes. For added flexibility the built-in display stand features height adjustment and the FHDQ130 can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode.

  • The ODM01MFS is a heavy-duty motorised stand for use with the Optoma FHDQ130 LED display. This enables easy height adjustment and mobile use of the FHDQ130 for an effortless set-up. For added flexibility, the display height range can be adjusted by 490mm thanks to its motorised lifting mechanism. This allows the FHDQ130 to be moved between rooms in any building as it fits through a standard door frame with ease.

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